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Chilean Christas pooltime
Relaxing Chile
Mac Mitchell Valparaiso Chile
Aconcagua Andes Mendoza Argentina
Wine tasting
Patagonia Chile glacier
Santiago city tour
Wine harvest
Pilot Experience England
Chile wine tasting
Patagonia volcano summit
Patagonia Chile kayak
First harvest

Mac Mitchell

Chilean winemakers
Wedding day champagne
Feet-on grape crushing harvest
Andes beer Argentina
Madison and Madison winemaker and designer

-Chattanooga, Tennessean

-BS Business/Finance College of Charleston, SC (used officially only briefly, but unofficially everyday)

-Graduate School  of Life 2005-2008: Moscow, Russia.

-Doctorate of Life 2008-2018: Santiago, Chile.

I've always known what I didn't want to do and am still looking for what I want to do in life.  Have always had the blessing of being surrounded by loved ones who support (or at least entertain) my off-the-wall plans and ideas. 


Never was good at art until I discovered that food, wine and travel can be art.  Designing a trip, a wine or a new recipe, or sharing that of another, is my passion and my art.  

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